Commicarpus stenocarpus (Chiov.) Cufod.
  • Bull. Jard. Bot. Natl. Belg. 39(Suppl.): p. xxi, basionymo cit. 1969

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General Information

Perennial 25-50 cm tall. Stem much branched, greyish white, younger branches densely puberulous glandular. Leaves ± fleshy (in nota), ovate or ovate-oblong to suborbicular or obcordate, 1-3 x 0.8-2.8 cm, obtuse to subacute or retuse, greyish tomentose, densely so when young. Petiole up to 1.4 cm long, glandular. Inflorescence glandular-puberulous. Flowers verticillate, 3-5 per node; nodes 0.8-1.3 cm apart. Pedicel 2.5-4 mm long; perianth infundibuliform, 5-5.5 mm long, pink-purple, purple or lilac (in nota). Stamens 3, far exserted. Style slender, stigma capitate. Anthocarp 6.5-7 mm long, clavate-subconical, strongly ribbed and tuberculate, yellow-brown.

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