Cucurbita foetidissima Kunth
  • Nov. Gen. Sp.
  • Buffalo or foetid or Missouri gourd, calabazilla, chili coyote

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General Information

Plants perennial; roots tuberous. Stems prostrate, sometimes rooting adventitiously at nodes, ca. 2–10 m, puberulent to scabrous with pustulate-based hairs; tendrils 3–7-branched 3–6 cm above base, hirsute, eglandular. Leaves: petiole 3–12 cm, coarsely hispid to hispidulous with puberulent understory of gland-tipped hairs; blade narrowly triangular or triangular-acuminate to triangular-lanceolate, unlobed or shallowly 2-lobed, (10–)12–30(–40) × (6–)8–20(–30) cm, longer than broad, base hastate-cordate to truncate, margins coarsely and widely mucronulate to denticulate, surfaces densely short-hirsute-pilose abaxially, short strigose-hirsute to hispid-hirsute adaxially, eglandular or minutely sessile-glandular. Peduncles in fruit 5-ribbed, slightly expanded or not at point of fruit attachment, hardened, woody. Flowers: hypanthium broadly campanulate, 10–18 mm; sepals narrowly lanceolate to linear-oblong or filiform-subulate, 10–25 mm; corolla golden yellow, campanulate to cylindric-campanulate, 6–10 cm; anther filaments usually sparsely short-villous with viscid-glandular hairs; ovary hirsute to short-villous. Pepos green with white stripes, white-mottled, evenly yellowish to orange-yellow at full maturity, depressed-globose to globose or oblong-globose, 5–10 cm, smooth. Seeds tan to cream or yellowish, oblong-ovate to ovate-elliptic, 9–13 mm, margins thickened-raised, surface smooth. 2n = 40, 42.

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    "Stems rough, trailing from a thick perennial root, often to several m; herbage malodorous; lvs triangular-ovate, 1–2 dm, irregularly and finely toothed and often angularly lobed, rough on both sides; fls yellow, campanulate, 5–10 cm long and wide; fr subglobose, 5–10 cm, greenish-orange, smooth. 2n=40, 42. Dry soil; Mo. to Tex. and Calif., and intr. along railways farther e. Summer. (Pepo f.)"

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    SELECTED REFERENCE Bemis, W. P. et al. 1978. The feral buffalo gourd, Cucurbita foetidissima. Econ. Bot. 32: 87–95.

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    Other Local Names

    Buffalo or foetid or Missouri gourd, calabazilla, chili coyote


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