Dianthus carthusianorum L.
  • Sp. Pl. : 409 (1753)
  • Oeillet des Chartreux

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General Information

Plants cespitose, not matted. Stems erect, simple or branched proximally, 25-65 cm, glabrous. Leaves: sheath (5-)8-18(-25) mm, 3-8 times as long as stem diam.; blade linear to spatulate, 3-7(-13) cm, green, margins glabrous. Inflorescences dense, 4-15(-20+)-flowered heads; bracts lanceolate, equaling or longer than calyx, herbaceous to scarious, apex aristate; bracteoles 4 or 6, brown, oblong-obovate to oblanceolate, 2/ 3/ 4 times as long as calyx, scarious, apex aristate in distal 1/ 1/ 5. Pedicels 0.1-2 mm. Flowers subsessile; calyx 40-45-veined, 10-15 mm, glabrous, lobes ovate, 3-4 mm; petals deep pink to scarlet or purple, bearded, 10-15 mm, apex dentate. Capsules 8-10 mm, slightly shorter than calyx. Seeds 1.6-2 mm. 2n = 30, 60 (both Europe).

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    Perennial and largely glabrous like no. 3 [Dianthus barbatus L.], but with linear lvs, puberulent calyx-lobes, and consistently dark crimson pet, is locally escaped in our range, as in Mich. and N.H.

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    (5–)20–50 cm hoch, meist unverzweigt, kahl, mit vielen sterilen Trieben. Blätter lineal. Blüten purpurn, kurz gestielt, am Ende des Stängels in einem kopfigen, von braunhäutigen Hochblättern umgebenen Blütenstand. Kelchschuppen gelbbraun-häutig, pl

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    6–10. Trockenwiesen, Felsen, lichte Wälder.

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    Other Local Names

    Oeillet des ChartreuxFrenchCH
    Garofano dei CertosiniItalianCH
    Negla purpuraRaeto-RomanceCH
    Clusterhead pink


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