Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz.
  • Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 15: 637 (1842)

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General Information

Plants 40-100 cm tall. Younger stems, leaves, and inflorescences pubescent or sparsely so; leaflet blades with scattered pellucid oil glands. Leaves 7-13-foliolate; rachis marginate to narrowly winged; leaflet blades ovate-elliptic, elliptic, or oblong, 3-12 × 1-5 cm, lateral ones opposite and sessile but ter-minal one petiolulate, secondary veins ± inconspicuous, margin crenulate. Inflorescences, flowers, and follicles with opaque dark brown globose to ellipsoid sessile or stalked glands. Inflorescences compound racemose, to 30 cm. Pedicel 1-1.5 cm. Sepals 6-8 × 2-3 mm. Petals pinkish white to pink, with purplish stripes, oblanceolate, 2-2.5 × 0.5-0.8 cm. Stamens exserted. Fruit follicles 1-2 cm, usually with a stylar beak and apical abaxial beak. Fl. May, fr. Aug-Sep.

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