Echinopepon coulteri (A.Gray) Rose
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  • Coulter’s wild balsam apple

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General Information

Stems 0.5–4 m, sparsely short-villous, hairs eglandular. Leaf blades mostly orbiculate, deeply to shallowly lobed, 4–5(–7) cm wide, base broadly cordate, margins entire or slightly sinuate-denticulate, surfaces sparsely hispid abaxially, hispid especially on veins adaxially. Inflorescences: staminate flowers in simple racemes 5–14(–20) cm. Flowers: sepals linear to subulate; petals oblong to deltate, 4–6 mm, apex emarginate, surfaces glabrous or sparsely pubescent, eglandular, not punctate, corolla campanulate, 8–12 mm diam.; anther thecae recurved. Capsules 2–3 × 1.2 cm, surface and prickles eglandular-pubescent, beak 5–8 mm, prickles mostly 3–5 mm. Seeds with elliptical depression on each surface.

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    Other Local Names

    Coulter’s wild balsam apple

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