Leucojum aestivum L.
  • Syst. Nat. ed. 10
  • Summer snowflake

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General Information

Plants to 30–60 cm; bulb 2–4 × 2–3(–4) cm. Leaves: sheaths 3–6 mm, membranous; blade deep green, linear to ligulate, 30–50(–70) × 0.5–2 cm, apex obtuse, glossy, well developed at anthesis. Scape stout, hollow, 2-winged, compressed, (20–)30–60 cm. Spathe bract solitary, fused, green, lanceolate, 3–5 cm. Flowers: tepals white with yellowish green spot near apex, broadly ovate, (10–)13–22 × 10–12 mm; filaments white, slender, 2–5 mm; anthers 5–6 mm; ovary oblong-ovate, 6–10 × 5–8 mm; style clavate, 5–10 mm, exceeding stamens; stigma truncate, inconspicuous; pedicel 2.5–7 cm, longest equaling or exceeding spathe. Seeds black, 5–7 mm; coat loose, with air pockets at each end. 2n = 22, 24.

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    "Scape 2–4 dm; lvs 3–4 dm, ca 1 cm wide, obtuse; bract foliaceous, 3–5 cm; fls 2–8, on long drooping peduncles; perianth campanulate, ca 2 cm, the tep white, edged with green; 2n=22, 24. Native of Europe, locally established in our range as an escape from cult."

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    Other Local Names

    Summer snowflake


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