Fissistigma tonkinense (Finet & Gagnep.) Merr.
  • Philipp. J. Sci.

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General Information

Climbers to 8 m tall. Branches grayish black to grayish brown, glabrous. Petiole 0.5-1.5 cm, grayish black, verrucate, abaxially grooved; leaf blade oblong to oblong-ovate, 16-20 × 4-6 cm, papery, abaxially sparsely pubescent when young but glabrescent, adaxially glabrous, secondary veins 10-14 on each side of midvein, obliquely ascending to margin, and adaxially flat, reticulate veins prominent, base rounded, apex shortly acuminate. Inflorescences terminal or axillary, paniculate, puberulent; peduncle 1-3.5 cm, with bracts at base; bracts triangular, margins ciliate. Pedicel 0.5-1.5 cm, bracteolate at base and middle. Sepals broadly triangular, ca. 4 × 5 mm, outside puberulent. Outer petals ovate, ca. 10 × 7.5 mm, margins thickened, puberulent, apex obtuse; inner petals oblong-ovate, ca. 10 × 5 mm, thickened at middle, outside and inside puberulent from middle to apex, inside concave from base to middle. Stamens oblong, ca. 3 mm; connectives ovoid, apex subrounded. Carpels subcylindric, villous; ovules ca. 22 per carpel, in 2 series; styles short; stigmas obliquely ovoid, glabrous, apex 2-cleft. Fruiting pedicel ca. 1.2 cm, fulvous tomentulose; monocarp stipes 1.5-2 cm; monocarps globose, 2-3 cm in diam., densely fulvous tomentulose. Seeds ca. 7 per monocarp, reddish brown, shiny, oblong, flat, ca. 1.5 × 0.9 cm. Fl. Nov-Jan, fr. Mar-May.

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