Manfreda variegata (Jacobi) Rose
  • Contr. U. S. Natl. Herb.
  • Huaco, amole

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General Information

Rhizomes globose. Leaves erect-arching, succulent, 14–45 × 1–2.7(–3.9 in cultivated specimens) cm; blade sometimes spotted with elongate brown or green markings, sometimes glaucous, deeply channeled, linear-lanceolate, margins usually with small, distantly spaced teeth. Scape 4.7–10.8 dm (–13.3 in cultivation). Inflorescences lax, (0.75–)1.4–2.9 dm (–4.8 dm in cultivation), bearing 7–41 distantly spaced flowers. Flowers sessile, spreading, with cooked onion odor; tepals green or mahogany brown; perianth tube broadly funnelform-campanulate, 0.6–1.6 cm; limb lobes recurved, yellowish green or brownish, (0.6–)0.9–1.6 cm; filaments wide-spreading at maturity, bent near middle in bud, exceeding tube by 3–6.5(–8.2) cm; ovary 9–19 mm; style ± equal to stamens; stigma pale green or brownish, clavate-triangular, 3-angled, furrowed apically, lobes not reflexed. Capsules globose to cylindrical, 1.6–1.8(–2.5) × 1.3–1.6 cm.

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    Other Local Names

    Huaco, amole

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