Geranium pratense L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Meadow crane’s-bill

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General Information

Perennials. Rootstock ± horizontal, 0.7-2 cm in diam., not tuberculate, with thickened roots along rootstock. Stem 23-100(-150) cm tall, erect, not rooting at nodes, with 0.1-1.7 mm retrorse to patent nonglandular trichomes and sometimes 0.2-1.2 mm patent glandular trichomes. Stipules lanceolate, distinct. Leaves opposite; petiole with 0.3-0.9 mm retrorse to patent nonglandular trichomes and sometimes 0.5-1.1 mm patent glandular trichomes; leaf blade (4.2-)6.2-11.5 cm, palmately cleft, ratio of main sinus/middle segment length = (0.81-)0.86-0.94, pilose with appressed nonglandular trichomes; segments (5 or)7(or 9), rhombic, 2.2-7.5 mm wide at base, 10-30-lobed in distal half, ratio of second sinus/middle segment length = 0.15-0.48. Cymules solitary, 2-flowered; peduncle 1.3-12 cm. Pedicel 0.3-2.5 cm, with 0.2-0.4 mm patent to retrorse nonglandular trichomes and 0.4-1.2 mm patent glandular trichomes; bracteoles lanceolate. Sepals (0.7-)1-1.2 cm, mucro (1.7-)2.2-3.9 mm, ratio of mucro/sepal length = 0.16-0.39, outside with 0.2-0.9 mm patent nonglandular trichomes and 0.3-1 mm patent glandular trichomes, inside glabrous. Petals bluish or sometimes purplish or white, (1.3-)1.5-1.9(-2.4) cm, erect to patent, both surfaces glabrous, margin basally ciliate, apex rounded. Staminal filaments pinkish, lanceolate with a broadly triangular base and an abruptly narrowed apex, both sides glabrous but proximal third with 0.2-0.6 mm cilia; anthers dark violet to bluish black, 1.8-3.1 mm. Nectaries 5, hemispheric, abaxially glabrous, apex with a tuft of trichomes. Stigma green to pinkish. Fruit 3-3.7 cm, reflexed when immature; mericarps smooth but usually with 1 or 2 transversal veins at apex, with a basal callus, with 0.3-0.7 mm ± appressed nonglandular trichomes and usually only apically with 0.2-0.9 mm patent glandular trichomes; rostrum 2.1-2.9 cm, with a 7-9 mm narrowed apex; stigmatic remains 2-3 mm. Seeds 3-3.6 mm. Fl. Jun-Jul, fr. Jul-Aug. 2n = 28.

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    "Much like no. 1 [Geranium maculatum L.], the lvs generally more deeply cleft, with narrower and more sharply laciniate segments; pedicels, cal, and beak of the fr densely glandular- tomentose; peduncles usually 1-fld; pedicels deflexed after anthesis, becoming erect again at maturity; pet 15–20 mm, bright blue-violet, entire or slightly retuse; 2n=28. Native of Eurasia, occasionally escaped or adventive with us, especially northeastward. June, July."

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    Ähnlich wie G. sylvaticum, aber Blätter tiefer geteilt (bis wenigstens 5/6) und mit längeren Endzipfeln (diese 2–3mal so lang wie breit, bei G. sylvaticum nur 1–2mal), Kronblätter blauviolett, Blütenstiele nach dem Blühen abwärts gerichte

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    6–7. Fettwiesen, oft kultiviert und verwildert, kollin(-montan). J, M, vereinzelt AN, GR und VS.

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    Nationally Preferred Names

    Meadow crane’s-billEnglishIE
    Crobh gormIrishIE

    Other Local Names

    Geranio dei pratiItalianCH
    Gerani da pràRaeto-RomanceCH
    Géranium des présFrenchCH


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