Geranium thunbergii Siebold ex Lindl. & Paxton
  • Paxtons Fl. Gard.

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General Information

Perennials. Rootstock vertical, 2-10 mm in diam., not tuberculate, without thickened roots. Stem 20-70 cm tall, trailing or ascending, sometimes rooting at nodes, with 0.3-1.4 mm patent or retrorse appressed nonglandular trichomes and sometimes 0.8-1.3 mm patent glandular trichomes. Stipules lanceolate to subulate, distinct. Leaves opposite; petiole with 0.3-1.2 mm patent to retrorse nonglandular trichomes and sometimes 0.5-1.2 mm patent glandular trichomes; leaf blade 2.4-6.4 cm, palmately cleft, ratio of main sinus/middle segment length = 0.73-0.91, pilose with appressed nonglandular trichomes; segments 5, rhombic, 4-12 mm wide at base, 5-8-lobed in distal half, ratio of second sinus/middle segment length = 0.11-0.21. Cymules solitary, 2-flowered; peduncle 2.2-13.9 cm. Pedicel 0.8-3.3 cm, with 0.2-1 mm patent nonglandular trichomes and usually 0.6-1.1 mm patent glandular trichomes; bracteoles linear-lanceolate. Sepals 5.1-8.1 mm, mucro 0.8-1.9 mm, ratio of mucro/sepal length = 0.12-0.25, outside with 0.1-0.9 mm patent to antrorse nonglandular trichomes and 0.2-1.2 mm patent glandular trichomes, inside glabrous. Petals white or purplish, (6.8-)7.3-8.3(-9) mm, erect to patent, outside glabrous, inside basally with trichomes, margin basally ciliate, apex rounded or retuse. Staminal filaments whitish, lanceolate with an abruptly narrowed apex, abaxially pilose and proximal half ciliate, trichomes 0.1-0.7 mm; anthers bluish, 0.8-1.1 mm. Nectaries 5, hemispheric, glabrous. Stigma pink. Fruit 1.9-2.7 cm, erect when immature; mericarps smooth, with a basal callus, with 0.2-0.7 mm ± patent nonglandular trichomes and 0.6-1.5 mm glandular trichomes; rostrum 1.3-2 cm, with a 0.5-1.8 mm narrowed apex; stigmatic remains 1.6-2.3 mm. Seeds 1.7-2.2 mm. Fl. Apr-Sep, fr. May-Oct. 2n = 28.

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    • Southern America Brazil Rio de Janeiro
    • São Paulo

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    Brazilian Flora 2020 project - Projeto Flora do Brasil 2020
    Brazil Flora G (2014): Brazilian Flora 2020 project - Projeto Flora do Brasil 2020. v393.147. Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro. Dataset/Checklist. doi:10.15468/1mtkaw
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