Hernandia didymantha Donn.Sm.
  • Bot. Gaz.
  • cebo macho cebo burro

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General Information

Hernandia didymantha Donn. Sm., Bot. Gaz. (Crawfordsville) 31: 120. 1901.

Arboles, hasta 15 m de alto. Hojas oblongas a oblongo-elípticas, 8–20 cm de largo y 3–7 cm de ancho, base truncada a obtusa, márgenes enteros, coriáceas, glabras en la madurez, pinnatinervias, nervios principales divergiendo a 50–80 de la costa; pecíolos 5–8 cm de largo. Inflorescencia verde-amarilla o gris canescente, pedúnculo 10–20 cm de largo, raquis 5–10 cm de largo; flores estaminadas 4-meras, 1 cm de largo; flores pistiladas 4-meras, 1.5 cm de largo. Fruto globoso, 2 cm de largo, sin costillas; cúpula glabra, negra.

Pluvioselvas, al sur de la zona atlántica; Rueda 7503, Urbina 2035; fl feb; 0–200 m; Nicaragua a Ecuador.

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    Trees 10-25 m. tall, buttresses absent or poorly developed; branchlets irreg- ularly angulate, inconspicuously canescent to glabrous; leaves long-petiolate, the blade ovate-oblong, apex acutely acuminate, base broadly rounded, 15-30 cm. long, 6-15 cm. broad, membranaceous, glabrous when mature, the petioles 5-8 cm. long, glabrous; inflorescences about half as long as the subtending leaves, bearing several reduced, shortly petiolate leaves above, the ultimate branches terminating in involucrate cymules bearing 2 staminate and 1 pistillate, sessile or subsessile flowers; staminate flowers about 1 cm. long, densely canescent, the elliptic-oblong perianth lobes about equalling the tube, stamens 3, each subtended by paired, sessile staminodia, 4 mm. long, the anthers about as long as the filaments; pistillate flowers about 1 cm. long, densely canescent, the elliptic-oblong perianth-lobes about equaling the tube, the cupule more than half as long as the perianth-tube, somewhat longer than broad, rather thin in texture, the orifice obscurely and un- equally 3-lobed, not involute. Mature fruit unknown.

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    Árbol, 6 –15 m. Hojas con la lámina 9 – 20 X 4.5 –11 cm, elíptico-oblonga a ovado-elíptica. Infls. ca. 11 cm. Fls. estaminadas 4-meras; fls. pistiladas 4-meras. Frs. 1.8 – 2.5 cm de diám. (incluida la cúpula), lisos.

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    Rain forest, northwestern Panama and adjacent Costa Rica.

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    Other Local Names

    cebo macho cebo burro

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