Humulus lupulus L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Hopa

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General Information

Plants perennial. Petiole usually shorter than leaf blade; leaf blade 3-5(-7)-lobed, sometimes simple, 4-11 × 4-8 cm, abaxially glabrous or with scattered soft pubescence but without rigid spinulose hairs on veins, adaxially with few or no cystolith hairs marginally when young, base cordate, margin coarsely serrate, apex acute. Female flowers 2 per bract at least in middle of inflorescence; bracts imbricated into a globose spike. Infructescences globose, 3-4 cm in diam.; bracts ovoid, 1.5-2 cm, dry, membranous, apex acute. Achenes flat, included in bracts. Fl. autumn.

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    Herbs , perennial, rhizomatous, 1-6(-7) m. Stems branched. Leaves: petioles usually shorter than blades. Leaf blade ± cordate, palmately 3-7-lobed, sometimes unlobed, 3-15 cm, margins dentate-serrate; surfaces abaxially with veins glabrous or with soft pubescence, without straight, erect hairs, glands yellow, adaxially margins of younger leaf blades with few or no cystolithic hairs. Inflorescences: staminate with flowers whitish to yellowish, anthers glandular; pistillate usually racemes, 10-20 mm, pedunculate; bracteole margins not ciliate-hairy. Infructescences pendulous, pale yellow, conelike, ovoid to oblong, (1-)2-3(-6) cm; bracteoles with yellow glands. Achenes yellowish, ovoid, compressed, glandular. 2 n = 20, including 2 or more sex-determining chromosomes.

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    "Rhizomatous perennial vine to 10 m; principal lvs as broad as long, cordate at base, 3-lobed to below the middle, the upper lvs often broadly ovate and lobeless; petiole shorter than the blade; staminate infls 5–15 cm; pistillate spikes 1 cm, becoming 3–6 cm, the persistent, accrescent bracts entire and mostly blunt, stramineous, very glandular at base; 2n=20. Moist soil; N.S. to Man., Mont., and Calif., s. to N.C., Ark., and Ariz., and widely distributed in the Old World. July, Aug. 5 geographically significant vars., 3 in our range."

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    Clockwise twining climber with stout root stock. Stem 3-6 m. tall, scabrid or prickly. Leaves broadly ovate, more or less cordate at base, usually deeply 3-5 lobed, serrate, 6-12 cm in diameter, lobes acuminate, petiole shorter or equal to blade. Male panicle 7.5-10 cm. in diameter with c 5 mm across flowers. Female inflorescence 12-15 mm. in diameter with yellow flowers; bract 10 mm. long, ovate, acute, pale green ; styles purple. Etaerio of achenes 3-4 cm in diameter.

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    Windende Krautpflanze mit 3–6 m langem, rauem Stängel. Zweihäusig. Blätter tief 3–5lappig, oberseits rau, die oberen oft ungeteilt. Männliche Blütenstände rispig, vielblütig, in Blattwinkeln. Weibliche Blütenstände zapfenartig, an langen Sti

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    7–8. Hecken, Waldränder, kollin(-montan). CH.

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    Other Local Names

    Luppolo comuneItalianCH
    Hop(s), common hop(s), houblon
    Brach (-aiche)IrishIE
    Lus an leannaIrishIE

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