Trillium chloropetalum (Torr.) Howell
  • Fl. N.W. Amer. 1: 661 (1902)

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General Information

Typifications and synonymies are presented under the varietal headings that follow the description. Scapes erect, (25-) 30-60 (-67) cm long, (2.3-) 3.0-3.3 (-4.5) times as long as bracts. Bracts sessile (rarely subsessile), ovate to very broadly ovate, (7.5-) 10-18 (-21) cm long, usually more or less mottled with small brownish splotches, sometimes unmottled, the apices rounded, blunt, or obtuse. Sepals lanceolate, (32-) 38-63 (-70) mm long, divergent or divergent-spreading, the apices acute to obtuse or blunt-rounded. Petals oblanceolate, varying from linear-oblanceolate to obovate, (50-) 65-90 (-110) mm long, erect, pale greenish yellow, greenish bronze, and purplish green to dark purple, sometimes pale yellow only at the base in var. chloropetalum and ranging from white to garnet- or red-purple in var. giganteum, basally cuneate, the apices obtuse, rounded, acute, or blunt. Stamens erect, (15-) 18-30 (-35) mm long; filaments relatively thick, (3-) 3.5-5 (-6) mm long, purple; anther sacs introrse on purple flattened connectives (pollen yellow to brownish); connectives prolonged (0.5-) 1.0-1.5 mm into rounded-acute or obtuse projections. Carpels usually ca. '/2 as tall as stamens; ovary ovoid, (5-) 6-9 (-13) mm long, purple, more or less 6-angled; stigmas oblong-subulate, (3-) 4-7 (-10) mm long, divergent-erect, purple, straight, usually truncate. Flowers with pleasant rose-like (or sometimes more spicy) odor. Berry broadly ovoid, obscurely 6-angled above middle.

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    • 1 Freeman, J. D. 1975. Revision of Trillium subgenus Phyllantherum (Liliaceae). Brittonia. 27: 1-62.

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