Allium ampeloprasum L.
  • Sp. Pl.

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Bulbo simple, hasta ca. 5 cm de ancho, alargado. Hojas hasta ca. 5 cm de ancho, planas, conduplicadas ocarinadas, sólidas. Escapo hasta ca. 90 cm. Fls. blancas o rosadas.

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    "Bulbs round-ovoid; stem stout, 5–10 dm, bearing a few lvs in the lower half; lvs linear, 5–20 mm wide, sharply keeled; umbel globose, many-fld; bulblets none; pedicels 2–3 cm; tep lavender to red-purple, lance-ovate, acute, 5 mm; inner stamens with broad flat filaments, terminating in 2 hair-like appendages surpassing the anther; 2n=16–80. Native of Europe, established as a weed at scattered stations in our range."

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