Dianella ensifolia (L.) DC.
  • Liliac.
  • Cerulean flax-lily, umbrella dracaena

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General Information

Rhizome creeping, 5--8 mm thick. Leaves sword-shaped, gradually narrowed at both ends, 30--80 × 1--2.5 cm, leathery, midvein abaxially and margin usually scabrous, apex obtuse. Scape 1--2 m, with several bractlike stem leaves 3--8 cm. Pan-icle laxly branched, 10--40 cm, usually with flowers borne distally. Pedicel 0.7--2 cm, usually arcuate. Tepals spreading, white, greenish white, yellowish, or bluish purple, linear-lanceolate to narrowly oblong, 6--7 × 3--3.5 mm. Stamens shorter than tepals; filaments geniculate near middle, dilated distally. Style ca. 6 mm. Berries deep blue, subglobose, ca. 6 mm in diam., 5- or 6-seeded. Fl. and fr. Mar--Aug. 2 n = 32*.

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    Plants glabrous. Leaves 50–80 × 1.5–2(–3) cm; blade lustrous, margins finely serrate, apex obtuse, basal sheath margins purplish; midvein impressed adaxially, keeled abaxially, keel finely serrate. Inflorescences: panicles 10–15 cm; flowers distal; bracts membranous. Flowers: tepals spreading, sky to light blue, yellow basally, 5-veined, 6 mm; filaments geniculate near middle; pedicel 7–15 mm. Berries 4–5 mm. 2n = 16, 32.

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    Other Local Names

    Cerulean flax-lily, umbrella dracaena

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