Luzula luzuloides (Lam.) Dandy & Wilmott
  • J. Bot.
  • Weissliche Hainsimse

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General Information

"Loosely tufted, slender, 3–7 dm; lvs narrowly linear, 15–30 cm, tapering to a very long slender point, the larger ones 3–5 mm wide; infl compound, loosely branched, the fls in terminal clusters of (2)3–6(–8); tep white or rose-tinged, lance-acuminate, the pet 3–3.8 mm, the sep 0.5 mm shorter; fr red-brown, round-ovoid, about equaling the sep; seed ellipsoid, 1–1.3 mm, with a pale, ridge-like raphe extending along one side and slightly prolonged at the tip; 2n=12, 24. Native of Europe, intr. in Vt., Ont., N.Y., and Minn. (L. nemorosa, a preoccupied name)"

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    30–70 cm hoch. Die meisten Blätter 3–6(–8) mm breit, Grundblätter halb bis doppelt so lang wie die Stängelblätter. Unterstes Hochblatt den Blütenstand meist überragend oder nur wenig kürzer. Dieser mit schief aufwärts gerichteten, zur Fruchtzeit meist

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    5–7. Wälder, Wiesen, Weiden, kollin-montan(-subalpin). CH.

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    Other Local Names

    Weissliche HainsimseGermanCH
    Luzule des bosquetsFrenchCH
    Erba lucciola biancaItalianCH
    Forest wood rush


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