Castanea pumila (L.) Mill.
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  • Chinquapin, chinkapin, dwarf chestnut

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General Information

Shrubs or trees , to 15 m, often rhizomatous. Bark gray to brown, smooth to slightly fissured. Twigs puberulent with spreading hairs, occasionally glabrate with age. Leaves: petiole 3-7(-10) mm. Leaf blade narrowly elliptic to narrowly obovate or oblanceolate, 40-210 × 20-80 mm, base rounded to cordate, margins obscurely to sharply serrate, each abruptly acuminate tooth with awn usually less than 2 mm; surfaces abaxially typically densely covered with appressed stellate or erect-woolly, whitish to brown trichomes, sometimes essentially glabrate especially on shade leaves, veins often minutely puberulent. Pistillate flower 1 per cupule. Fruits: cupule 2-valved, enclosing 1 flower, valves irregularly dehiscing along 2 sutures, longest spines usually less than 10 mm; nut 1 per cupule, ovate-conic, 7-21 × 7-19 mm, round in cross section, not flattened, beak less than 3mm excluding styles.

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    "Shrub 2–5 m, often colonial, or occasionally a small tree; lvs lance-oblong to oblong-obovate, to 15 cm, or longer on rapidly growing shoots, sharply serrate with ascending or salient teeth to merely bristle-toothed, gray-tomentose beneath; staminate spikes to 15 cm; involucres 2–3.5 cm thick, usually several or many in a large, compact head or spike, the nuts solitary, ovoid, terete, 1–1.5 cm. Dry or moist acid soil; s. N.J. to Ky. and Ark., s. to Fla. and Tex. Ours is var. pumila. C. ×neglecta Dode is a hybrid with no. 1 [Castanea dentata (Marshall) Borkh.]."

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    Other Local Names

    Chinquapin, chinkapin, dwarf chestnut


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