Syringa vulgaris L.
  • Sp. Pl. : 9 (1753)
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General Information

Shrub to 6 m; lvs ovate, 5–10 cm, short-acuminate, truncate to cordate at base; infls 1–2 dm; cor lilac (white), 1 cm wide; 2n=44–48. Native of se. Europe, persisting indefinitely after cult. and often appearing spontaneous, especially in regions of abandoned farms. May.

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    Shrub upright, up to 6 m high. Leaves oval, subcordate or tapering at the base, acuminate, 5-10 cm long, 2-6 cm broad, subcoriaceous, bright green, glabrous; petiole 2 cm. Large panicles arising from lateral buds, without leaves at the base, terminal bud suppressed. Flowers often scented, lilac, white, azure, or red, sometimes double. Calyx 2 mm long, 4-toothed, farinose, glandular-ciliolate on margin. Corolla tube narrowly cylindric, c. 1 cm long, lobes 4 (-5), oval, more or less rounded, cucullate at the apex. Anthers included. Capsule smooth, lustrous, brown, 10-15 mm long, 5 mm in diameter, slightly compressed, opening into 2 parts. Seeds 2 (1 in each cell), c. 12 mm long and 5 mm broad, compressed, winged.

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    Bis 6 m hoher Strauch oder Baum. Blätter gegenständig, ei- bis herzförmig, zugespitzt, ganzrandig, 4–8(–12) cm lang, kahl, lang gestielt. Blüten in dichten, kegelförmigen, bis 20 cm langen Rispen, mit den Blättern erscheinend, wohlriechend.

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    4–5. Kultiviert und gelegentlich verwildert.

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    Serenella, LillàItalianCH


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