Cephalantheropsis obcordata (Lindl.) Ormerod
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General Information

Plants 35-100 cm tall. Stem erect, cylindric, to 60 cm, many noded (internodes 5-10 cm), with tubular membranous sheaths toward base, 5-9-leaved above. Leaves oblong or oblong-lanceolate, 15-35 × 3-8 cm, papery, base contracted into a short petiole-like stalk, apex acute or acuminate. Inflorescences 1-3, erect, 35-60 cm, unbranched or rarely 1- or 2-branched near base; peduncle densely puberulent, with a few scattered sheaths; rachis 5-20 cm, laxly 6- to many flowered; floral bracts narrowly lanceolate, 20-40 cm, membranous, apex acuminate. Flowers slightly fragrant, spreading horizontally, opening widely; sepals and petals green to yellowish green, lip white with a central orange-yellow patch, all parts turning orange-brown with age; pedicel and ovary 10-20 mm, densely puberulent. Sepals and petals strongly reflexed; sepals similar, elliptic-lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, 9-11 × 3.5-4 mm, outer surfaces densely puberulent, inner surfaces glabrous or sparsely puberulent, 3-5-veined, apex aristate. Petals ovate-elliptic, 8-10 × 3.5-4 mm, outer surfaces puberulent, 3-veined, apex subobtuse and mucronate; lip spreading, suboblong, 9-12 × 5-7 mm, slightly concave at base, 3-lobed above middle; lateral lobes suberect and embracing column, with distinct subtriangular-falcate auricles projecting forward, apices acute to subacuminate; mid-lobe subreniform, 2-3 × 5-7 mm (excluding claw), shortly clawed at base, margin strongly crisped, apex emarginate; claw at base of mid-lobe ca. 1.5 mm; disk with a pair of yellow lamellae extending from near base of lip onto claw of mid-lobe and with many orange-red papillae between lamellae. Column 3-5 mm, base often dilated, winged below middle, hairy; rostellum ovate-triangular, small, ca. 0.8 mm; pollinia ca. 0.8 mm. Capsule cylindric, 15-20 × 8-10 mm, ridged. Fl. Sep-Dec, fr. Nov-Mar. 2n = 40, 42.

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