Agrostis stolonifera L.
  • Sp. Pl.

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General Information

Perennial, tufted, stoloniferous; stolons slender, leafy, widely spreading, developing after anthesis. Culms erect or geniculate and rooting at base, 30–50(–100) cm tall. Leaf sheaths smooth; leaf blades linear, flat or inrolled, 4–10 cm × 2–5 mm, scaberulous, apex acute to acuminate; ligule on non-flowering shoots 2–3.5 mm, rounded to truncate, often lacerate. Panicle narrow, linear to lanceolate in outline, 5–20 cm, open only at anthesis, otherwise contracted, often dense; branches several per node, closely divided, ascending, scabrous, main branch at a node often bare in lower 1/3, but accompanied by shorter branches bearing spikelets to base. Spikelets 1.8–3 mm, yellowish green; glumes lanceolate, subequal or lower glume slightly longer, lower glume scabrous along keel distally, upper glume often smooth, apex acute; callus minutely hairy; lemma 3/4 as long to subequaling spikelet, usually awnless, apex rounded; palea 1/2–3/4 length of lemma. Anthers 0.8–1.5 mm. Fl. Aug.

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    6. Agrostis stolonifera L., Sp. Pl. 62 (1753). Lectotipo (designado por Widén, 1971): Europa, Herb. A. van Royen (L-912.356-55).

    Por R.W. Pohl y G. Davidse.

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    Plantas estoloníferas, rastreras, hasta ca. 35 cm. Hojascaulinares; lígula 5–8 mm; lámina 6–19(–21.5) cm × 3–6 mm, aplanada. Infl. verde a verde canela, 6–13 cm,aglomerada, las ramas ascendentes; raquilla no prolongadapor la base del flósculo. Espiguillas 2–3 mm; glumas iguales,acuminadas; lema 1.5–2 mm, no aristada; pálea ca. 1 mm.

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    "Much like no. 2 [Agrostis gigantea Roth], and perhaps not sharply distinct, but not rhizomatous, though sometimes with stolons; panicle greenish or stramineous, seldom over 10 cm, narrower, especially after anthesis, with ascending or erect branches; 2n=28–46. Native of Europe, cult. and intr. as in no. 2. Two confluent vars."

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