Brachypodium pratense Keng ex Keng f.
  • Acta Bot. Yunnan.

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General Information

Perennial. Culms tufted, erect or geniculate at base, slender, up to 90 cm tall, 3–5-noded. Leaf sheaths glabrous or pilose; leaf blades linear, flat, 10–18 cm, 3–8 mm wide, abaxial surface glabrous, adaxial surface pilose with scattered hairs; ligule ca. 2 mm. Raceme 10–15 cm, spikelets 3–6; pedicels 2–3(–5.5) mm. Spikelets 2.2–4 cm, florets 10–18, glumes lanceolate, glabrous, apex acuminate, lower glume 4–7 mm, usually 5-veined, upper glume 7–9 mm, 7-veined; lemmas 9–10 mm, smooth, glabrous, 7-veined, the veins prominent toward apex; awn 5–8 mm. Anthers ca. 4 mm. Fl. and fr. autumn.

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