Pogonatherum crinitum (Thunb.) Kunth
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General Information

Culms erect or geniculate, sometimes trailing, very slender, 10–30 cm tall, 0.5–0.8 mm in diam., branching from near base. Leaf sheaths glabrous or puberulous, mouth long ciliate; leaf blades 1.5–5 × 0.1–0.4 cm, scaberulous-puberulous, apex acute. Raceme 1.5–3 cm (excluding awns), yellowish; rachis internodes and pedicels 1/3–2/3 spikelet length, hairs silky white. Sessile spikelet 1.3–2 mm, membranous; callus hairs equal to or slightly longer than spikelet; lower glume scabrid on back, apex ciliate with ca. 0.2 mm hairs; upper glume awn 1.5–1.8 cm; lower floret absent or only lemma present; awn of upper lemma 1.8–2.4 cm, strongly geniculate near base, column very short, dark brown, limb fine, diverging at right angle or more from spikelet. Stamen 1, anther ca. 1 mm. Pedicelled spikelet similar to sessile but smaller; lower glume awnless. Fl. and fr. May–Sep.

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    Slender perennial; culms wiry, weak, often trailing, 10-30 cm long. Leaf-blades 1-4 cm long, 1-3 mm wide. Racemes 1-3.cm long, dense, borne upon a flexuous peduncle, bearing numerous long delicate yellow-brown awns. Spikelets narrowly elliptic-oblong, 13-2 mm long, the callus bearded with white hairs 2(-3) mm long; lower glume a little shorter than the spikelet; lower floret reduced to a hyaline lemma or wanting; upper glume and upper lemma bearing slender flexuous awns 8-20 mm long; stamen 1 (rarely 2),

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    • Southern America Brazil São Paulo
    • Brazilia Distrito Federal

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    Brazilian Flora 2020 project - Projeto Flora do Brasil 2020
    Brazil Flora G (2014): Brazilian Flora 2020 project - Projeto Flora do Brasil 2020. v393.147. Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro. Dataset/Checklist. doi:10.15468/1mtkaw
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