Polytrias indica (Houtt.) Veldkamp
  • Blumea

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General Information

Perennial forming loose mats. Culms slender, decumbent, rooting and branching at nodes, erect shoots 10–30 cm tall, nodes glabrous or bearded. Leaf sheaths lightly compressed, glabrous or rarely pubescent; leaf blades purplish glaucous, 2–5 × 0.2–0.4 cm, stiffly pilose with tubercle-based hairs, margins scabrid, apex acuminate; ligule 0.2–0.5 mm. Raceme 2–7 cm, shortly exserted from uppermost leaf sheath at maturity; rachis internodes and pedicels golden-ciliate. Spikelets 3–4 mm, brown, densely hairy with soft golden hairs; callus hairs 1/3 spikelet length; lower glume villous below middle, hairs usually extending slightly beyond apex, keels green; upper glume densely pubescent except near base, villous on upper keel; upper lemma broadly oblong to ovate, teeth narrow, tipped with hairs; awn slender, 0.8–1.2 cm, puberulous. Anthers 2.5–3 mm. Stigmas exserted from apex of spikelet. Fl. and fr. summer to autumn.

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