Agathis dammara (Lamb.) Rich. & A.Rich.
  • Comm. Bot. Conif. Cycad.

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General Information

Trees to 40 m tall; trunk to 45 cm d.b.h.; bark reddish gray, thick; crown conical; branches slightly drooping; winter buds terminal on branchlets, with a few densely arranged scales.Leaves with petiole 3-8 mm; blade dark green, oblong-la-ceolate or elliptic, ± recurved, 5-12 × 1.2-5 cm, usually smaller on cone-bearing branchlets, leathery, margin thickened, apex usually obtuse, occasionally mucronate. Pollen cones 5-7.5 ×1.8-2.5 cm. Seed cones subglobose or broadly ovoid, to 10 cm; bracts 2.5-3 cm, apex reflexed. Seeds obovoid, ca. 1.2 cm × 7 mm; wing developed on 1 side, membranous, almostcuneate-oblong.

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