Cymbidium tigrinum C.S.P.Parish ex Hook.
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Plants epiphytic or lithophytic, autotrophic. Pseudobulbs subglobose or globose-ovoid, strongly bilaterally compressed, lens-shaped, 3-5 × 3-3.5 cm, naked, with several sheaths at base. Leaves usually 2-4, borne at apex of pseudobulb, narrowly elliptic, 15-20 × ca. 3.5 cm, articulate 1-1.5 cm from base, base contracted into a distinct petiole-like stalk, apex long acuminate. Inflorescence arising from base of pseudobulb, arching, 10-20 cm; rachis 2-5-flowered; floral bracts triangular, 4-9 mm. Flowers slightly fragrant; pedicel and ovary 20-45 mm; sepals and petals yellowish green, tinged reddish brown and with purplish brown spots near base; lip white tinged purplish brown on lateral lobes and with reddish brown spots and short transverse dashes on mid-lobe, becoming pink following pollination. Sepals narrowly elliptic-lanceolate, 35-40 × 8-12 mm, apex acuminate. Petals narrowly elliptic, 34-38 × 6-10 mm, apex acute; lip subobovate, base fused to basal margins of column for 2-3 mm, 3-lobed; lateral lobes erect, ca. 12 mm wide; mid-lobe recurved, margin undulate; disk minutely papillate, with 2 glabrous longitudinal lamellae extending from base of lip to near base of mid-lobe. Column 25-30 mm; pollinia 2. Fl. Mar-Jul. 2n = 40.

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