Dactylorhiza aristata (Fisch. ex Lindl.) Soó
  • Nom. Nov. Gen. Dactylorhiza
  • Fischer’s orchid

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General Information

Plants robust, 10-35 cm tall. Tuber palmately 3- or 4-lobed. Stem erect, stout, with 2 or 3 tubular sheaths at base, 3-6-leaved. Leaves usually congested at base of stem, uniformly green or occasionally with small purple spots or speckles adaxially, ovate-elliptic to oblong-elliptic, 5-15 × 0.8-4 cm, apex obtuse to acute. Rachis 3-13 cm, densely many flowered; floral bracts lanceolate, basal ones exceeding flowers, apex acuminate. Flowers white, pink, or magenta, medium-sized; ovary and pedicel 4-8 mm. Sepals white, pink, or magenta, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, apex long acuminate; dorsal sepal erect, 9-12 × 3-5 mm; lateral sepals erect or spreading forward, concave, oblique, 8-11 × 3-5 mm. Petals erect, forming a hood with dorsal sepal, white, pink, or magenta, narrowly ovate-lanceolate, 6-8 × 2-3.5 mm, apex acuminate; lip white, pink, or magenta with deep purple spots usually forming 2 distinct arcs, suborbicular to obcordate, 8-12 × 8-12 mm, 3-lobed near apex; mid-lobe narrowly deltoid, 2.2-3.5 × 1-1.8 mm, apex acuminate; lateral lobes ovate, much broader than mid-lobe, apex rounded-obtuse; spur spreading backward to upcurved, cylindric, 6-9 mm, subequal in length to or slightly exceeding ovary, ca. 1.8 mm in diam., apex obtuse. Fl. Jun-Aug.

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    Plants 5–40 cm. Leaves 2–5; blade often purple-spotted or suffused with purple, proximal blade 3–18 × 1–6 cm. Inflorescences: floral bracts lanceolate, 15–50 × 5–15 mm, the larger often suffused with purple, extending well beyond flowers. Flowers magenta, pink, or white; sepals prominently oblique and erect at base, upwardly curving forward or downward, ovate-lanceolate, 9–11(–13) × 3–6 mm, awned; petals ovate-lanceolate, 6–9 × 3–4 mm, awned; lip often magenta- to red-spotted, suborbiculate to obcordate, 8–12 × 8–12 mm, shallowly 3-lobed or entire, tip of middle lobe apiculate; spur 5.5–7.5 mm, 1/2–2/3 as long as ovary. 2n = 40, 42.

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    Other Local Names

    Fischer’s orchid

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