Amoreuxia gonzalezii Sprague & L.Riley
  • Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew
  • Santa Rita Mountain yellowshow, saya, saiya

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General Information

Stems 20–60 cm, pilose (hairs wavy, slightly tangled, mostly on young growth), sparsely glandular. Leaves: petiole 3–10 cm, sparsely pilose (hairs wavy, slightly tangled, mostly on young growth), glandular; blade 7(9)-lobed, 2.5–6 × 3.5–9 cm, lobes obovate to linear, distal half of margins serrate, apex usually truncate to slightly obtuse, sometimes emarginate, 3–5 teeth of central lobe apex usually equally distal. Peduncles 2.5–5 cm. Flowers 6–8 cm diam.; sepals narrowly ovate, 15–20 × 5–8 mm, apex acute; petals pale yellow to orange, lateral petals each with 1 red mark at base, distal petals each with 2 conspicuous red marks at base, proximal set of filaments 13–19 mm with usually dark red, sometimes cream, anthers, distal set of filaments 8–10 mm with yellow-cream anthers; ovary densely silky-pilose (hairs long). Capsules ellipsoid, 5–8 cm, sparsely pilose. Seeds globose, sparsely pilose, hairs sometimes spinelike.

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    Other Local Names

    Santa Rita Mountain yellowshow, saya, saiya

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