Amoreuxia wrightii A.Gray
  • Pl. Wright.
  • Wright´s yellowshow

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General Information

Stems 15–50 cm, glabrous or sparsely lanulose-puberulent (mostly on young growth), glandular. Leaves: petiole 3–8 cm, subglabrous to sparsely lanulose-puberulent (mostly on young growth), glandular; blade 5(7)-lobed, 3–5 × 4–7 cm, lobes subrhombic, distal half of margins serrate, apex rounded to acute, tooth of central lobe apex most distal. Peduncles 2.5–5 cm. Flowers 3–7.5 cm diam.; sepals narrowly oblong-ovate, 17–20 × 5–8 mm, apex acute; petals pinkish to orange, distal petals with 2 conspicuous purplish mark at base; distal set of filaments 5–10 mm with yellow anthers, proximal set of filaments 11–17 mm with usually dark red anthers; ovary usually short-haired-lanate to tomentose or puberulent (glandular). Capsules oblong-obovoid, 3–6 cm, sparsely pubescent (glandular). Seeds globose to ovoid, glabrous. 2n = 12.

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    Other Local Names

    Wright´s yellowshow

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