Amelanchier fernaldii Wiegand
  • Fernald’s shadbush, amélanchier de Fernald

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General Information

Shrubs, 0.5–1 m, ?rhizomatous?. Stems 1–50, usually forming colonies. Leaves mostly or fully unfolded; petiole 1–25 mm; blade elliptic-oblong to oblong-obovate, 50–80 × 15–45 mm, base rounded to subcordate, each margin with 4–18 teeth on proximal 1/2 and 5–10 teeth in distalmost cm, largest teeth less than 1 mm, apex subacute to rounded or mucronate, abaxial surface glabrous (or sparsely hairy) by flowering, surfaces glabrous later. Inflorescences 3–8-flowered, 20–40 mm. Pedicels: usually 1 subtended by a leaf, proximalmost 15–35 mm. Flowers: sepals ascending or spreading after flowering, 3–5 mm; petals oval to broadly oblanceolate, 8–15 × 3–6 mm; stamens 20; styles 5, length unknown; ovary apex densely hairy. Pomes dark purple or almost black, 6–10 mm diam.

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    "Straggling stoloniferous shrub to 1 m; lvs thinly tomentose when young, at anthesis almost full grown and glabrous, otherwise much like those of no. 4 [Amelanchier spicata (Lam.) K. Koch]; racemes lax, the pedicels 1–3 cm at anthesis, to 4 cm in fr, glabrous or nearly so; hypanthium glabrous or nearly so; sep lanceolate, erect or spreading at anthesis. Limestone hills and barrens; Nf. to Que., N.S., and n. Me., and reputedly to n. Mich. and n. Minn. June, July. (A. gaspensis)"

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    Other Local Names

    Fernald’s shadbush, amélanchier de Fernald


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