Geum rivale L.
  • Species plantarum, edition 1
  • Machall uisce

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General Information

Roots robust, terete. Stems erect, 25–70 cm tall, pilose or hirtellous. Radical leaves lyrately pinnate, 10–35 cm including petiole, with 2–4 pairs of leaflets, both surfaces scattered strigose; leaflets unequal, terminal one largest, usually rhombic-ovate, lobed, 4–9 × 3–8 cm, base broadly cuneate or subtruncate, margin markedly incised-lobed to 3-parted and coarsely serrate, apex rounded; cauline leaves: stipules green, ovate-elliptic, lobed to parted, herbaceous; leaf blade simple, 3-lobed or 3-parted. Inflorescence usually nodding, laxly 2–4-flowered. Flowers 2–2.5 cm in diam.; pedicel densely yellow pubescent and pilose. Sepals ovate-triangular, apex acuminate; epicalyx segments usually purplish, linear-lanceolate, minute, 1/3–1/2 as long as sepals, apex acuminate. Petals yellow, purple-brown striate, semiorbicular, longer than sepals, base abruptly tapered into a rather long claw. Style terminal, filiform, twisted at joint; proximal section yellow villous; distal section deciduous at fruit maturity. Fruiting receptacle hirtellous, hairs 1.5–2 mm; achenes yellow villous; proximal section of style persistent. Fl. and fr. May–Aug.

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    Plants leafy-stemmed. Stems 30–85 cm, sparsely downy to scattered-hirsute proximally, downy distally. Leaves: basal 6–40 cm, blade interruptedly pinnate, major leaflets 5–7, mixed with 7–14 minor ones, terminal leaflet slightly larger than major laterals; cauline 2–10 cm, stipules ± free, 7–18 × 5–9 mm, blade pinnate to 3-foliolate. Inflorescences 2–8-flowered. Pedicels densely downy, some hairs glandular. Flowers nodding; epicalyx bractlets 2–4 mm; hypanthium greenish maroon to maroon; sepals erect, 7–10 mm; petals erect, yellow, suffused with purple and purple-veined, spatulate-obovate, 8–10 mm, ± equal to sepals, apex rounded, truncate, or shallowly emarginate. Fruiting tori on 4–10 mm stipes, densely bristly. Fruiting styles geniculate-jointed, proximal segment persistent, 5–9 mm, apex hooked, stipitate-glandular, bristles on basal 1/2, distal segment deciduous, 3–4.5 mm, pilose except apical 1 mm. 2n = 42.

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    "Stems 3–6 dm from a short, stout rhizome, sparsely hirsutulous; basal lvs to 3 dm, with 3(5) principal lfls, the terminal one broadly obovate or subrotund, serrate, ± 3-lobed, the others adjacent, narrowly obovate; additional lateral lfls remote and irregular; cauline lvs much smaller, reduced above, variously toothed to divided; fls several, campanulate, nodding, the pedicels eventually elongate; sep purple, ascending or erect, 7–10 mm; bractlets linear, 3–4 mm; pet yellowish, suffused with purple and purple-veined, usually a little shorter than the sep; style at anthesis jointed near the middle, the distal segment plumose, to 8 mm at maturity; achenes spreading, with decurved styles; 2n=42. Swamps and wet meadows; Nf. and Que. to Alta., s. to N.J., Pa., Ind., Mich., and Calif. May– July. G. pulchrum Fernald, with clear yellow pet conspicuously exceeding the sep, has been thought to be a hybrid with G. macrophyllum, but may be merely a form of G. rivale."

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    30–60 cm hoch. Blätter ähnlich wie bei G. urbanum. Blüten nickend, erst zur Fruchtzeit aufgerichtet. Kelch purpurbraun, Kronblätter hellgelb, gegen den Rand rötlich, zusammenneigend, etwa gleich lang wie die Kelchblätter. Griffel wie

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    4–7. Feuchte Wiesen, Bäche, kollin-subalpin(-alpin). CH.

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    Distribution Map

    • Native distribution
    Found in
    • Europe Northern Europe Ireland

    Nationally Preferred Names

    Machall uisceIrishIE
    Water avensEnglishIE

    Other Local Names

    Benoîte des ruisseauxFrenchCH
    Macall uisceIrishIE
    Ambretta d'aualRaeto-RomanceCH
    Machall-uisge (-aill-uisgeIrishIE
    Purple or water avens, chocolate-root, benoîte des ruisseaux
    Cariofillata dei riviItalianCH


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