Geum glaciale Adams ex Fisch.
  • Glacier avens

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General Information

Plants subscapose. Stems 2–30 cm, densely pilose, ?hairs 2–5 mm?. Leaves: basal 3–10 cm, blade pinnate-pinnatifid, leaflets/lobes 11–23, terminal leaflet slightly larger; cauline 1.4–2.5 cm, stipules adnate to leaf, indistinguishable from lobes, blade ?bractlike, not resembling basal, alternate?, simple, 3-fid. Inflorescences 1-flowered. Pedicels densely pilose, eglandular. Flowers erect; epicalyx bractlets 6–9 mm; hypanthium green; sepals spreading-erect, 7–14 mm; petals ?5–9?, spreading, yellow, obovate, orbiculate, or ovate, 10–20 mm, longer than sepals, apex rounded to emarginate. Fruiting tori sessile, silky. Fruiting styles wholly persistent, not geniculate-jointed, 18–30 mm, apex not hooked, pilose except distal 1–3 mm. 2n = 28.

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    Other Local Names

    Glacier avens

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