Geum triflorum Pursh
  • Flora Americae septentrionalis
  • Prairie smoke, old man’s whiskers, torchflower, three-sisters

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General Information

Plants subscapose. Stems 10–45 cm, downy to pilose, ?hairs 0.1–3 mm, sometimes septate-glandular?. Leaves: basal 4–30 cm, blade interruptedly pinnate, major leaflets 10–18, alternating with 6–16 minor ones gradually increasing in size distally, terminal leaflet slightly larger than major laterals; cauline 1–5 cm, stipules adnate to leaf, indistinguishable from leaflets/lobes, blade ?bractlike, not resembling basal, opposite?, pinnate-pinnatifid. Inflorescences (1–)3–5(–7)-flowered. Pedicels densely woolly, sometimes glandular. Flowers nodding, ?erect in fruit?; epicalyx bractlets 6–15 mm; hypanthium maroon, purple, or greenish mottled with purple, ?may turn pale brown in fruit?; sepals erect, 7–14 mm; petals erect, cream to yellowish suffused with pink or purple, or purple-veined, elliptic, 7–13 mm, shorter to longer than sepals, apex rounded to obtuse. Fruiting tori sessile, densely puberulent. Fruiting styles wholly persistent or distal 3–7 mm tardily deciduous, not or inconspicuously geniculate-jointed, 15–70 mm, apex not or occasionally ± hooked, pilose to apex or nearly so.

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    "Stems 2–4 dm from a short, stout rhizome, hairy throughout; basal lvs 1–2 dm, oblanceolate, pinnately compound; lfls 7–17, the lateral progressively larger toward the lf-tip, cuneate-oblong, to 5 cm, irregularly laciniate or lobed, the terminal one similar but wider, often confluent with the upper lateral ones and scarcely larger than them; cauline lvs few and small, laciniate; peduncles eventually to 1 dm; fls nodding, broad-based, narrowed distally in life; sep shorter than the linear bractlets; pet purplish, 8–12 mm, about equaling the bractlets, suberect; mature styles 3–5 cm, strongly plumose except the terminal 2–5 mm; 2n=42. Dry woods and prairies; w. N.Y. to Minn. and Io., w. to B.C. and Calif. May, June. Our plants are var. triflorum. (Sieversia t.)"

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    Other Local Names

    Prairie smoke, old man’s whiskers, torchflower, three-sisters


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