Geum vernum (Raf.) Torr. & A.Gray
  • A flora of North America
  • Spring avens

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General Information

Plants leafy-stemmed. Stems 20–70 cm, pilose or sparsely pilose, ?hairs septate?. Leaves: basal 4–27 cm, blade simple or pinnate, leaflets 3–11, terminal leaflet larger; cauline 2–7 cm, stipules ± free, 8–25 × 7–12 mm, blade pinnate to 3-foliolate. Inflorescences 3–13-flowered. Pedicels glandular-downy, becoming glabrate in fruit. Flowers erect; epicalyx bractlets absent; hypanthium green; sepals reflexed, 1–3 mm; petals spreading, yellow to cream, oblong to elliptic, sometimes obovate, 1–2 mm, equal to or shorter than sepals, apex rounded. Fruiting tori on 3–7 mm stipes, glabrous. Fruiting styles geniculate-jointed, proximal segment persistent, 1.5–3 mm, apex hooked, nearly glabrous except for few septate-glandular hairs, distal segment deciduous, 0.7–1 mm, nearly glabrous except for short hairs. 2n = 42.

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    "Stems erect or ascending, 3–6 dm; some basal lvs long-petioled, simple or nearly so, others smaller and pinnate; principal cauline lvs pinnate or some trifoliolate, with several toothed and often deeply cleft divisions, the upper and lower cauline lvs reduced; sep triangular, reflexed; bractlets none; pet yellow or white, 1–2 mm; head of achenes on a stipe 1–2 mm; achenes 2–3 mm, minutely appressed-puberulent; terminal segment of the style 0.7 mm, inserted on the very tip of the basal segment; 2n=42. Rich woods; s. Ont. to s. Wis., Io., and Kan., s. to Tenn. and nw. Okla.; also c. and s. N.Y., N.J., and Pa. Apr., May."

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    Other Local Names

    Spring avens


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