Sorbus americana Marshall
  • Arbustrum americanum: the american grove
  • American mountain ash, sorbier d’Amérique

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General Information

Shrubs or trees, 40–100 dm. Stems 1–4+; bark gray to bronze; winter buds green to purple, shiny, ovoid to conic, 7–20 mm, glutinous, glabrous or hairy along scale margins and at apex, hairs primarily rufous. Leaves pinnately compound; stipules early deciduous, rufous-ciliate, ?margins sometimes glandular?; blade paler abaxially, dull green to yellowish green adaxially, leaflets 11–17, opposite, lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, 5–10 × 1–2.5 cm, l/w ratio 3.4–5, margins serrulate to serrate, at least in apical 1/2 and often almost to base, apex acuminate to long acuminate, surfaces glabrous or glabrate at flowering, some hairs occasionally persisting abaxially along midvein; leaflet axils and petiole bases glabrous or with rufous and/or whitish hairs adaxially. Panicles 125–400+-flowered, flat-topped or rounded, 6–15 cm diam.; peduncles glabrous or sparsely villous. Pedicels glabrous or sparsely villous. Flowers 5–7.5(–8.5) mm diam.; hypanthium glabrous, hypanthium plus sepals 2–2.5 mm; sepals 0.5–1 mm, margins entire, often with a few thick glands; petals white, orbiculate to obovate, (2–)2.5–3.5(–4) mm; stamens 14–20; carpels 1/2 adnate to hypanthium, apex conic, styles 3 or 4, 1.5–2 mm. Infructescences glabrous or sparsely villous. Pomes bright red to orange-red, globose to subglobose, 4–7 mm diam., shiny, not glaucous; sepals inconspicuous, incurved. Seeds brown, yellowish when fresh or immature, ovoid to ovoid-lanceoloid, 2.5–3.3 × 1.5–2 mm, asymmetric, slightly flattened. 2n = 34.

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    "Shrub or tree to 10(–15) m; twigs glabrous or nearly so; winter-buds glutinous, with glabrous or sparsely ciliate scales; lfls lanceolate to narrowly oblong, gradually acuminate, 5–9 cm, mostly 3–5 times as long as wide, sharply serrate, paler and usually glabrous beneath; infl 6–15 cm wide; hypanthium and sep glabrous; pet obovate, 3–4 mm, narrowed to the base, equaling or longer than the stamens; fr 4–7 mm thick; 2n=34. In moist or wet soil; Nf. to Minn., s. to Pa. and n. Ill., and in the mts. to n. Ga. May, June. (Pyrus a.)"

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    Other Local Names

    American mountain ash, sorbier d’Amérique


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