Rubus rolfei J.E.Vidal
  • Phanerogamae Cumingianae philippinarum

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General Information

Subshrubs low, with creeping stems and ascending leafy shoots. Stems prostrate, rooting at nodes, densely tomentose-villous, with sparse, small prickles, sometimes nearly unarmed, glabrate in age. Leaves simple; petiole nearly as long as leaf blade, tomentose-villous, with sparse, needle-like prickles; stipules free, obovate to ± oblong, 7–12 mm, membranous, margin pectinately or palmately laciniate ca. 1/2 to middle at apex, abaxially hairy, adaxially glabrous; blade broadly ovate to suborbicular, 2–6(–9) × 2–5.5(–9) cm, venation pedate, lateral veins 4 or 5 pairs, raised abaxially, impressed adaxially, leathery, abaxially brownish gray tomentose, with long hairs and sparse, needle-shaped prickles along veins, adaxially dark greenish brown, usually sparsely hairy when young, later glabrous, bullate between veins, base cordate, basal incision to 1 cm deep, margin 3–5-lobed; lobes obtuse, unevenly crenate. Inflorescences terminal and axillary, 1- or few flowered; rachis and pedicels densely tomentose-villous, with sparse, needle-like prickles; bracts obovate to ±oblong, 8–10 mm, apex palmately or pectinately laciniate, hairy. Pedicel 5–9 mm. Flowers to 2 cm in diam. Calyx 1–1.5 cm, abaxially tomentose-villous; sepals ovate or triangular-lanceolate, 8–10 × 4–7 mm, apex laciniate; lobes linear-lanceolate. Petals white, suborbicular or obovate, 7–10 × 6–8 mm, adaxially puberulous, base clawed. Stamens many; filaments to 5 mm; anthers to 1 mm, with few long hairs, rarely glabrous. Pistils fewer than stamens, glabrous. Aggregate fruit yellow to orange or reddish, globose, 1–1.4 × ca. 1 cm, fleshy, with reddish persistent calyx; drupelets obliquely ellipsoid; pyrenes rugose; seeds reniform. Fl. Jun–Jul, fr. Aug–Sep. 2n = 28*, 42*.

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