Solanum glaucophyllum Desf.
  • "Desf., Cat. Pl. Hort. Par. 3: 396. 1829., 1829."

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General Information

Rhizomatous shrubs or slender treelets ca. 0.5-4 m tall. Stems glabrous (rarely moderately to densely puberulent-pubescent with unbranched hairs), usually light-colored and smooth.
Sympodial units many-foliate.
Leaves simple, the blades 6-18 x 0.6-3.5 (5) cm, 4.5-10 (15) times as long as wide, narrowly elliptic, succulent or fleshy with the midribs and margins often thickened and whitish, surfaces glaucous in fresh material, glabrous adaxially and abaxially (rarely moderately to densely puberulent-pubescent with unbranched hairs); base tapered to decurrent; margin entire; apex acute; the petioles 1.5 cm or less, glabrous, often slightly winged.
Inflorescences 3.5-9 cm, branched, sometimes highly so, with 20-50 or more flowers, all flowers perfect, the axes glabrous (rarely moderately puberulent-pubescent with unbranched hairs); peduncle 1-3.5 cm; rachis 2-7 cm; pedicels 12-15 mm, ca. 15-20 mm in fruit, spaced 1-15 mm apart, articulated at the base.
Flowers with the calyx the radius 2-3 mm, the lobes 0.5-1.5 x 1.5-2.5 mm, deltate, acute at apex, glabrous except for some sparse puberulence at margin. Corollas 2.5-4 cm in diameter, the radius 10-30 mm, rotate-stellate and plicate, chartaceous, whitish to pink or violet, often with a white central star, the the tube 5-8 mm, the lobes 4-10 x 5-10 mm at base, broadly triangular, apiculate at apices, moderately to densely puberulent abaxially, especially on distal parts of lobes and plicae, glabrous adaxially except for a few sparse hairs at tips of lobes. Anthers 5-7 x 2 mm, usually connivent, yellow to orange yellow, ovate, the pores directed distally. Ovary glabrous; style 5-7 x 0.25-0.5 mm in diameter, cylindrical, glabrous; stigma truncate.
Fruits 0.75-2 x 0.75-2 cm in diameter, globose, sometimes apiculate at apex when young, obtuse at apex when mature, dark purple or blue-black and glaucous when ripe, glabrous; stone cell aggregates absent.
Seeds ca. 4-6 x 3.5-4 mm, angled, smooth or with minute scalloped ridges.

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    • Distribution

      Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay, northern Argentina, and Uruguay; low, swampy ground at margins of marshes and ponds in seasonally inundated areas; ca. 0-600 m.

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      • Genetics

        chloroplast ndhF sequence: GenBank U72753 ( nuclear ITS sequence: GenBank AF244714 ( nuclear ITS sequence: GenBank AY523897 (voucher: Bohs 2530, UT). Sequence not yet released (7/04).

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        • Distribution Map

          • Native distribution
          Found in
          • Southern America Brazil Rio Grande do Sul
          • Mato Grosso
          • Mato Grosso do Sul


          • 1 Desf., “Cat. Pl. Hort. Par. 3: 396. 1829.”, 1829.

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