Rhododendron augustinii subsp. chasmanthum (Diels) Cullen
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General Information

Less hairy on all parts; young shoots glabrous. Petiole often glabrous; abaxial leaf surface scales (1–)2–5 × their own diameter apart, otherwise often glabrous; adaxial surface without filiform-acicular hairs; corolla white, pinkish purple or lavender to blue; style base often glabrous, rarely pubescent.

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    Leaves ± evergreen; corolla blue to purple with greenish or brownish spots. Petiole with filiform–acicular hairs only, or glabrous; corolla blue to lavender. Indumentum only on leaf midrib beneath, not or scarcely extending on to petiole; leaf upper surface glabrous or with filiform–acicular hairs along the midrib only; corolla tube elepidote, usually pilose outside.

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