Sphaeralcea laxa Wooton & Standl.
  • Bull. Torrey Bot. Club
  • Caliche globemallow

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General Information

Plants perennial. Stems ascending, (2–)4–7(–9) dm, densely gray- or white-tomentose. Leaf blades gray or white, broadly ovate-deltate, 3-lobed or 3- or 5-parted, (1–)1.5–5 cm, not rugose, base typically distinctly truncate (to cordate), margins crenate, surfaces stellate-pubescent. Inflorescences paniculate, open, few-flowered, individual flowers widely spaced, tip not leafy; involucellar bractlets red to purple. Flowers: sepals 7–11 mm; petals red-orange, 12–18 mm; anthers usually purple. Schizocarps truncate-ovoid; mericarps 11–16, 4–6 × 2–3 mm, thin-walled, papery, nonreticulate dehiscent part 55–65% of height, tip acute-cuspidate, cusp 1 mm, indehiscent part not wider than dehiscent part, sides prominently, finely reticulate with ± transparent areolae. Seeds 2 or 3 per mericarp, gray, pubescent. 2n = 10, 20.

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    Other Local Names

    Caliche globemallow

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