Hexastylis virginica (L.) Small
  • Man. Fl. N. States

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Rhizomes: internodes short, leaves crowded at rhizome apex. Leaf blade variegate or not, cordate, subcordate, or subreniform. Flowers: calyx tube cylindric to narrowly cylindric-urceolate, sometimes with prominent transverse ridge just below sinuses, 8-15 × 6-12 mm, inner surface with high reticulations, lobes erect or weakly spreading, 2-4 × 7-9 mm, adaxially puberulent; stamen connective not extending beyond pollen sacs; ovary ca. 1/3-inferior; ovules 8 per locule; styles notched at apex. 2 n = 26.

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    "Rhizome short and freely branched; lvs cordate-orbicular, 5–10 cm, commonly broadest above the summit of the petiole, the basal lobes broadly rounded, the sinuses broad to narrow or even closed; cal-tube 0.7–1.5 cm, cylindric to slightly constricted above or slightly flaring, the lobes erect to spreading 3–10 mm, 5–9 mm wide at base; ovary superior to half inferior; style- extension merely notched at the tip; 2n=26. Moist or dry woods; s. Md. to W.Va. and e. Ky., s. to se. Va., Ga., and Ala. Apr., May. (H. contracta; H. heterophylla; H. memmingeri; H. naniflora)"

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