Equisetum arvense L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Atkuyruğu

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Plants small to medium-sized. Rhizome ascending, erect, or creeping, blackish brown, nodes and roots with sparse long yellowish brown trichomes or glabrous. Aerial stem annual, dimorphic. Fertile stems appearing in spring earlier than sterile branches, yellowish brown, 5-35 cm tall, 3-5 mm in diam. at middle, not whorled, ridges inconspicuous, with dense grooves, internodes 2-6 cm; sheath castaneous or pale yellow, ca. 0.8 cm, only upper portion of sheath abaxially with a shallow groove; sheath teeth 9-12, castaneous, narrowly deltoid, 4-7 mm. Fertile stems dying back after spores shed (ephemeral). Sterile stems green, up to 40 cm, middle portion of main stem 1.5-3 mm, multiple whorled, below middle portion of main stem branched; internodes 2-3 cm; ridges arc-shaped abaxially, without edges, with cross grains, without tubercles; sheath green, long, narrow; sheath teeth 5 or 6, deltoid, middle portion blackish brown, margin membranous, light brown, persistent. Lateral branches slender, flattened, with 3 or 4 narrow and tall ridges, ridges abaxially with cross grains; sheath teeth 3-5, green, lanceolate, margin membranous, persistent. Strobilus terete, 1.8-4 cm, 0.9-1 cm in diam., apex blunt; stalk prolonged when mature and 3-6 cm. 2n = 216.

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    Aerial stems dimorphic; vegetative stems green, branched, 2--60(--100) cm; hollow center 1/3--2/3 stem diam. Sheaths squarish in face view, 2--5(--10) × 2--5(--9) mm; teeth dark, 4--14, narrow, 1--3.5 mm, often cohering in pairs. Branches in regular whorls, ascending, solid; ridges 3--4; valleys channeled; 1st internode of each branch longer than subtending stem sheath; sheath teeth attenuate. Fertile stems brown, lacking stomates, unbranched, shorter than vegetative stems, with larger sheaths, fleshy, ephemeral. 2 n =ca. 216.

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    "Stems annual, dimorphic, the sterile ones 1.5–6(–10) dm, 1.5–5 mm thick, (4–)10–14-ridged, with well developed vallecular cavities and small central cavity ca 1/4 the diameter of the stem; the stomates in 2 broad bands in the furrows, the sheath 5–10 mm, with persistent, brown, free or partly connate teeth 1.5–2 mm; branches regularly whorled at the middle and upper nodes, 3–4-angled, solid, sometimes again branched, the first internode longer than the associated stem- sheath; fertile stems whitish to brownish, precocious and soon withering, to 3 dm, simple, to 8 mm thick, their sheaths 14–20 mm, with large, partly connate teeth 5–9 mm; cones long-pedunculate, 0.5–3.5 cm, not apiculate. Cosmopolitan, somewhat weedy; in moist to moderately dry habitats throughout our range."

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    Çokyıllık otsu bitkiler. Rizomlar dik veya yükselici, siyahımsı kahverengi, tüylü; tüyler sarımsı kahverengi. Ana gövde çokyıllık, iki biçimli. Yeşil ana gövde (verimsiz gövde) 15-75 cm boyunda, düğümlerde dallanmış (yan gövde), 0,5-1 cm çapında, yeşil, 5-20 oluklu; kın yeşilimsi, 0,5-1 cm uzunluğunda, uçta yeşilimsi siyah renkli dişli; dişler gövdedeki oluk sayısı kadar, üç-köşeli, sivri veya kısa kılçıksı, 2 damarlı, ortası siyah, kenarları beyaz zarımsı, kalıcı. Yan gövdeler koyu yeşil, 3-15 cm uzunluğunda, 3-4 oluklu. Ana gövdedeki öz boşluğu gövdenin yarısı kadar. Kahverengi gövdeler (verimli gövde) yeşil gövdelerden önce oluşur, 5-25 cm boyunda, kahverengi, düğümlerde dallanmamış; kın 1-3 cm uzunluğunda, koyu kahverengi, uçta sarımsı; dişler üç-köşeli, ortası siyahımsı kahverengi, kenarları beyaz zarımsı, kalıcı. Kozalak koyu kahverengi, kahverengi gövde ucunda tek, silindirik, 1-4 × 0,8-1,2 cm.

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      Field horsetail, common horsetail, prêle des champs

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