Equisetum fluviatile L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • Water horsetail

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General Information

Plants large. Rhizome creeping or erect, castaneous, hollow in center, nodes with long castaneous adventitious roots; adventitious roots often with long yellowish trichomes. Aerial stem perennial, monomorphic, hollow in center, 40-60(-70) cm tall, 3-6 mm in diam. at middle, lower portion of main stem with 1-3 reddish brown internodes, lustrous, upper portion of main stem straw-colored or grayish green, without whorled branches or with shorter, more slender whorled branches in comparison with main stem; internodes 3-5 cm. Main stem 14-20-ridged; ridges arc-shaped abaxially and glabrous and with small light-colored cross grains; sheath tubes light brown, long, narrow, 1-1.2 cm; sheath teeth 14-20, blackish brown, lanceolate, thinly leathery, flat abaxially, without grooves, persistent. Lateral branches absent or present, if present then slender, 5-15 cm, 0.6-1 cm in diam., straw-colored or grayish green, 5-7-ridged; ridges arc-shaped abaxially and glabrous or with small cross grains; sheath teeth 4-6, straw-colored or light brown, thinly leathery, persistent. Strobilus shortly clavate or ellipsoid, 1.2-2.5 cm, 0.6-1.2 cm in diam., apex blunt; stalk prolonged when mature and 1.2-2 cm. 2n = 216.

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    Aerial stems monomorphic, green, unbranched or branched, 35--115 cm; hollow center large, to 9/10 stem diam.; vallecular canals absent. Sheaths squarish in face view, ca. 4--10 × 4--10 mm; teeth black, occasionally with narrow white border, 12--24, narrow, 2--3 mm. Branches when present only from midstem nodes, spreading, hollow, ridges 4--6, valleys rounded; 1st internode of each branch shorter than subtending stem sheath; sheath teeth narrow. 2 n =216.

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    "Stems annual, all alike, to 1 m or more, shallowly 9–25-ridged, the ridges smooth or nearly so, the stomates in a single broad band in each furrow; central cavity commonly more than ¾ the diameter of the stem, the vallecular cavities commonly lacking except near the base; sheaths green, 4–9 mm, with persistent, narrow, sharp, black or blackish teeth 1.5–3+ mm, these not or scarcely hyaline- margined; branches none to often numerous and whorled at the middle and upper nodes, 4–6-angled, simple, thefirst internode slightly shorter than the associated stem-sheath; cone pedunculate, 1–2 cm, deciduous. In shallow water, along muddy shores, and in marshes and bogs; circumboreal, in Amer. s. to Pa., Ill., Io., Nebr., and Wash."

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    50-150 cm boyunda çokyıllık otsu bitkiler. Rizomlar dik veya yükselici, siyah veya koyu kahverengi, tüysüz. Ana gövde çokyıllık, tek biçimli, düğümlerde dallanmış (yan gövde) veya dallanmamış, 0,4-1,2 cm çapında, soluk yeşil, 10-30 oluklu; kın yeşil, 0,5-0,8 cm uzunluğunda, dişler gövdedeki oluk sayısı kadar, mızraksı, sivri, omurgasız, siyah veya kahverengi, kalıcı. Eğer varsa, yan gövdeler dallanmamış; koyu yeşil, 2-10 cm uzunluğunda, 3-4 oluklu. Ana gövdedeki öz boşluğu gövdenin 4/5’i kadar. Kozalak kahverengi, yeşil gövdenin ucunda tek, tersyumurtamsı veya eliptik, 1-2,5 × 0,5-0,8 cm.

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    • Fertile und sterile Stängel gleich, 30–120 cm hoch, grün, 5–8 mm dick, glatt und gerieft, einfach oder oben ästig. Zentralhöhle 75–90% des Stängeldurchmessers. Scheiden eng anliegend, 10–25zähnig. Zähne schwarz, oft mit weisslicher Sp

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      5–7. Verlandungspionier in Seen, Teichen, Gräben, kollin-subalpin. CH.

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      Distribution Map

      • Native distribution
      Found in
      • Europe Northern Europe Ireland

      Nationally Preferred Names

      Water horsetailEnglishIE
      Scuab eich uisceIrishIE

      Other Local Names

      Water pipesEnglishIE
      Equiseto fluviatileItalianCH
      Prêle limicoleFrenchCH
      Spurella da glittaRaeto-RomanceCH
      River horsetail, pipes, prêle fluviatile


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