Dryopteris ludoviciana (Kunze) Small
  • Ferns S.E. States [Small] 281. 1938
  • Southern wood fern

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General Information

Leaves somewhat dimorphic, green through winter, 35--120 × 10--30 cm. Petiole more than 1/4 length of leaf, scaly at base; scales scattered, brown. Blade dark green, lanceolate, pinnate-pinnatifid, herbaceous, not glandular. Pinnae nearly in plane of blade, lance-oblong; fertile pinnae in distal 1/2 of leaf, distinctly narrower than proximal vegetative pinnae (only in this species); basal pinnae lanceolate-oblong, much reduced, basal pinnules slightly shorter than adjacent pinnules, basal basiscopic pinnule slightly longer than basal acroscopic pinnule; pinnule margins distantly serrate. Sori midway between midvein and margin of segments. Indusia lacking glands. 2 n = 82.

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    Other Local Names

    Southern wood fern

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