Polypodium glycyrrhiza D.C.Eaton
  • Amer. J. Sci. Arts , ser. 2, 22: 138 (1856)
  • Licorice fern

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General Information

Stems not whitish pruinose, slender to moderately stout, to 6 mm diam., intensely sweet, licorice-flavored; scales concolored, brown or slightly darker near point of attachment, lanceolate to lanceolate-ovate, symmetric, margins entire. Leaves to 75 cm. Petiole usually slender, 0.5--2 mm diam. Blade lanceolate-ovate to oblong, pinnatifid, widest near middle or just below, to 16 cm wide, herbaceous, rarely slightly leathery; rachis sparsely scaly to glabrescent abaxially, puberulent adaxially; scales linear, usually less than 3 cells wide. Segments linear to oblong, less than 12 mm wide; margins serrate; apex acute to attenuate; midrib puberulent adaxially. Venation free. Sori midway between margin and midrib or slightly closer to midrib, usually less than 3 mm diam., circular to oval when immature. Sporangiasters absent. Spores less than 58 µm, verrucose, with surface projections less than 3 µm. 2 n = 74.

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    Other Local Names

    Licorice fern

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