Polypodium scouleri Hook. & Grev.
  • Icon. Filic. t. 56. 1828; HB. 342. Chr. 84 (1828)
  • Coast polypody

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General Information

Stems conspicuously whitish pruinose, stout, 3--12 mm diam., bland to slightly sweet-tasting; scales concolored to weakly bicolored, uniformly dark brown or with pale margins and base, lanceolate, symmetric, margins denticulate. Leaves to 85 cm. Petiole stout, to 3 mm diam. Blade ovate-lanceolate, pinnatifid, usually widest just above base, to 27 cm wide, stiff and leathery; rachis sparsely scaly to glabrescent abaxially, glabrous adaxially; scales bicolored, ovate-lanceolate, much more than 6 cells wide. Segments oblong to linear, usually more than 12 mm wide; margins entire to crenulate; apex rounded to rarely broadly acute; midrib glabrous adaxially. Venation anastomosing, usually forming 1 row of areoles. Sori crowded against midrib, usually more than 3 mm diam., circular when immature. Sporangiasters absent. Spores usually less than 52 µm, rugose, surface projections less than 3 µm tall. 2 n = 74, 111.

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    Rhizomes creeping, glaucous, 5–6 mm diam.; rhizome scales lustrous brown, lanceolate, subconcolorous (castaneous centers with slightly paler narrow margins), entire to minutely denticulate near apices, 3–5 x 1.5–2 mm; fronds 13–30 cm long, distant; stipes 1/3–1/2 the frond length, orange-tan, with scales lanceolate to deltate-attenuate, slightly bicolorous; blades pinnatisect, lanceolate-deltate, very coriaceous, deltate, 8–10 cm wide; pinnae 3–8 pairs, 4–5 x 1–1.6 cm, oblong, entire, apices rounded; abaxial blade surfaces glabrous except for sparse dark, deltate, attenuate scales 2–4 mm long; adaxial blade surfaces glabrous; venation anastomosing, obscure; sori round, near costae, ca. 4 mm diam.; sporangia glabrous; 2n=74 (USA).

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    Epiphytic in pine forests; 0–550 m. Canada (BC); USA (Calif, Ore, Wash); Mexico.

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    Other Local Names

    Coast polypody

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    Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden
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