Salvinia molesta D.S. Mitch.
  • Brit. Fern Gaz.

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General Information

Floating fronds: lamina oblong to obovate or orbicular, ca. 2.5 × 2.4-3 cm, base rounded or cordate, apex emarginate, flat or often infolded along costa, surface abaxially with sparse pale multicellular hairs, adaxially densely papillate, papillae cylindrical, ca. 1.5(-2) mm, terminated by (2-)4 setae incurved and joined at their tips; submersed frond to 12 cm. Sporocarps in long chains of up to 55, ca. 1 mm in diam., microsporangia up to 53, megasporangia 2(or 3), more densely hairy; most sporangia empty, spores if present deformed.

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