Blechnum occidentale var. minor Hook.
  • Sp. Fil. 3: 51 (1860)
  • Hammock fern, New World midsorus fern

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General Information

Stems slender, creeping, elongate, branched, ascending to erect at tip, not climbing. Leaves ± monomorphic, cespitose to widely spaced, erect to arching, fertile leaves only slightly contracted and longer than sterile leaves. Petiole straw-colored to light brown, (4-)8-34 cm, coarsely scaly proximally. Blade narrowly to broadly lanceolate, 1-pinnate proximally, becoming pinnatifid distally, or pinnatifid throughout, without conform terminal pinna, 10-30 × 3-12 cm, base truncate, pubescent abaxially. Rachis with indument of spreading, ± gland-tipped hairs abaxially. Pinnae not articulate to rachis, proximal pinnae sessile to subsessile, distal pinnae adnate; larger pinnae curved, lanceolate, 2-7 × 0.5-1.5 cm. Fertile pinnae slightly contracted; margins minutely serrulate to nearly entire; costae with indument of hairs abaxially. 2 n = 124.

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    Other Local Names

    Hammock fern, New World midsorus fern

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