Gymnocarpium oyamense (Baker) Ching
  • Contrib. Biol. Lab. Sc. Soc. China 9: 40, tab. 1933

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General Information

Rhizomes long creeping, 1.5-2(-3) mm in diam., clothed with red-brown, broadly lanceolate scales, glabrate when old. Fronds distant; fertile fronds (13-)25-45(-50) cm; stipe stramineous, shiny, (7-)12-25(-31) cm, 1.5-2 mm in diam., terete abaxially and grooved adaxially, scaly at base, upward glabrate, articulate to lamina at apex; lamina ovate-triangular, (7-)10-18(-22) × (4-)6-13(-20) cm, herbaceous, glabrate, base cordate, pinnatipartite 4-5 mm to rachis, apex acuminate; pinnae 6-9(-13) pairs, opposite, spreading, approximate, broadly lanceolate, falcate, base decurrent to narrow rachis wing, shallowly lobed to pinnatipartite, apex acute or acuminate; basal pair of pinnae descending, often broadly lanceolate, (2-)4-7(-10) × 1-1.8(-3) cm; second pair slightly longer than basal pinnae or subequal, spreading, shallowly lobed; pinna lobes obtuse-rounded, entire or crenate; veins pinnate, lateral veins (2-)4 or 5(-8) pairs, simple, slightly visible; rachis inserted obliquely and articulate to stipe; upper part of stipe, lower part of rachis, and bases of costae in lower pinnae sparsely pubescent with short glands, or glabrate. Sori oblong, medial on veins, biseriate along both sides of costules, exindusiate. Spore wall surface rugate, foveolate. 2n = 80, 160.

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