Parathelypteris beddomei (Baker) Ching
  • Acta Phytotax. Sin. 8: 302. 1963. (1963)

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General Information

Plants 20-30(-40) cm tall. Rhizomes extremely long creeping, with sparse brown ovate small scales and dense brownish long hairs when young. Fronds remote or approximate; stipes slender, 4-10 cm, stramineous and glabrous; laminae oblanceolate, 15-25(-30) × 3-4(-6) cm, gradually tapering to bases, pinnate-pinnatifid, acuminate and pinnatifid at apices; pinnae 20-24(-30) pairs, alternate, sessile, obliquely spreading, proximal 7-9 pairs gradually shortened into small auricles, proximal pair of pinnae only 1-2 mm, middle pinnae lanceolate, 1.5-3.5 × 0.4-0.5 cm, bases minutely broadened, symmetrical, rounded-truncate, pinnatifid to narrow wing on both sides of costae, apices shortly acuminate; segments 10-14 pairs, oblong, entire, rounded at apices. Veins visible on both sides, veinlets pinnate, free, simple, reaching margins, 3 or 4 pairs per segment, proximal pair arising from bases of costae. Laminae herbaceous, yellowish brown when dry, abaxially with grayish white 3-7-celled fine long hairs along costae and veins, also with few orange-yellow spherical glands, adaxially with unicellular short acicular hairs along costae and veins. Sori small, 2 or 3 pairs per segment, attached near ends of veinlets, close to margins; indusia orbicular-reniform, small, brown, thickly membranous, glabrous, persistent. 2n = 62.

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