Ribes sanguineum var. sanguineum 

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General Information

Leaf blades moderately thick, base subtruncate, surfaces whitish-tomentose abaxially, puberulent adaxially. Racemes erect to stiffly spreading or ascending, 5-15(-20)-flowered, 5-7 cm. Flowers: hypanthium white, pink, or red, tubular, 3-6 mm; sepals spreading, red, ovate-elliptic to oblong or oblanceolate; petals not or nearly connivent, white to red, obovate-spatulate; stamens shorter than petals; ovary crisped-puberulent, strongly stipitate-glandular; styles glabrous or with scattered, stipitate glands at base. Berries globose, 7-9 mm, stipitate-glandular.

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