Daltonia aristifolia Renauld & Cardot
  • Rev. Bryol.

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2. Daltonia aristifolia Ren. & Card. 芒叶小黄藓 mang-ye xiao-huang xian Rev. Bryol. 23: 105. 1896. Type. Indonesia: Java, Massart 1395.   The present species differs from D. angustfolia in having long aristate leaf apices and relatively smaller upper and apical leaf cells (10–17 µm × 5–6 µm). The upper leaf width (ca. 0.5 mm) of D. aristifolia is also broader than that of D. angustifolia, which measures less than 0.25 mm. Without sporophytes, D. aristifolia can be confused with Distichophyllum cuspidatum, which has similar abruptly cuspidate to aristate leaf apices.    

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